Problem integrating Quick view with theme cart

So ive followed the guide how to integrate the quick view with the cart so the numbers change. But it gave me a 'problem' extra to deal with.

The theme i am using is Narrative

the selector code i 'found' is : #shopify-section-header > div.site-header.site-header--homepage.site-header--transparent > header > div > div.site-header__section.site-header__section--button > a

So i don't know if i am using the right one.

But after filling it up in the 'extra' menu for the quickview app, the numbers change when i add a product through quick view but my cart logo dissappears and when i click on the number. It doesnt show what products are in the cart. It still says it is empty.
Only when i reset the website it looks normal again.

I am using a shipping bar app that changes when people add products in their cart. So they know how much they still need to have free shipping.

website: driplab.eu
passw: jrbrands2020