Add slideshow to other pages

Add slideshow to other pages

To add slideshows to other pages outside collection pages, you need to create slideshows in the "Other pages" section. 

  1. In your Collection Slideshow app, go to “Other Pages” and create new slideshow

For all slideshows in this section, there is only one method to add slideshow to page: copy shortcode of each slideshow and add it to the page content or page liquid file:
  1. When you click “Create” button to create new slideshow, the shortcode of this new slideshow (including the slideshow ID) will be automatically generated and showed up for you.

The format of a shortcode is: <div id=”qikify-slider” data-slider=”slideshow-id”>
In which, "slideshow-id" is the id of a slideshow, which you can find in the url where you edit slideshow:

  1. Click “Copy shortcode” to copy it to clipboard.

There are 2 ways to add this shortcode:

Method 1: Add to page content

  1. Go to your page in Shopify admin → Click edit your page
  2. In the Content editor, click the <> button to show HTML editor

  3. Paste the shortcode into the HTML editor

  4. Save your page. Slideshow will show up on the added page. Select “View page” to check. 

Method 2: Add to page liquid file

  1. Go to your Shopify admin → Themes → Actions → Edit code
  2. Find the liquid file that your page is using (for example:
  3. Paste the shortcode to the position you want in page

  4. Save. Slideshow will show up on the added page.

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