Cart Countdown

Cart Countdown

Note: Cart Countdown only works with themes which have AJAX cart (stay on current page after adding to cart). This app does not work if theme automatically redirects to cart page after adding products to cart.

1. Countdown settings

Countdown Time

To adjust countdown time, type the time in the 'Set countdown time' box (time in minutes)
You can choose to reset countdown time whenever customers add a new product to cart. Note that this feature does not work if customers are directed to cart page after adding to cart.

Expiration Action

After countdown time runs out, you can choose what to do after cart expires:
  1. Clear cart: Clear all products in cart and leave cart empty
  2. Reset time: Reset the countdown timer. Products stay remain in cart.
  3. Do nothing: Countdown stops at 00:00. Products stay remain in cart.

2. Notification Bar

Turn on 'Enable Notification Bar on Cart page' to display notification bar. Note that it is only visible on Cart page.

Bar message
To edit countdown message and expiration message, type in the boxes below.


To change bar background and message color, choose from the color palette or insert color code.

Show on mobile

To show notification bar on mobile, turn on 'Enable notification bar on mobile'.

3. Alert Box

Turn on 'Enable Alert Box'' to show alert box on all pages of your store.

Reminder time

This section allows to set when to remind customers of their cart expiration.
When countdown timer reaches this time, the alert box will expand to announce the time left until their cart is abandoned.

Edit message

You can edit countdown message, reminder message and expiration message in the section below 'Reminder time'.

Add and customize button

You can add button to alert box by enabling 'Show call-to-action button' and direct customers to Checkout page or Cart page by choosing from 'Button Action', and customize button text.

Customize box position and color

You can customize alert box position, message text color and box color to grab customer attention and motivate them to check out.

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