Create slideshows and slides

Create slideshows and slides

Create slideshows and slides

Depend on where you want to add slideshow, you need to create slideshow in the suitable section.

Then click on 'Create new slideshow' button to add slideshow.

Add slides

To add slides, click on 'Add new slide' button.

Collection Slideshow allows you to add image by pasting image URL link or browse from your device (which is available in Basic plan and Premium plan only). You can also upload another image for mobile (optional) for better responsiveness.

You can duplicate your slides, and drag and drop to customize the order of your slides.

To add text for image, enter your text in 'Heading' box and 'Description' box, and change text color in the boxes below.

Add image link in the 'Link section'. You can add link to page of your store (including Home page, Search, Collection, Product, Blog or any page) or add a custom link. 

If you want to open link in a new tab, turn on 'Open in a new tab'.

You can add link directly to your slide (to create clickable slide) or add a call-to-action button. Note that you can choose only one  way to add link. 

'Button' section lets you add button text and customize button color, style and shape. This section only appears if you choose 'Add link to button'.

Content alignment & animation

To align content and add animation, please scroll to the end of the tab. These settings will be applied to both text and button. 
If you don't want animation (which is fading effect) on content, please choose 'No animation'.

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