You can set a rule for certain terms/phrases to be always or never translated in your auto-translation process by using Glossary. The words you added in the glossary list will be automatically replaced by your provided words.

You need to set up Glossary before using Auto translation.
If you use Auto translation before adding the Glossary, it will not work and replace the words.

How to use Glossary?

Add a new glossary

  1. First of all, go to Tranzi > Glossary
  2. Click "Add new Glossary" button. 
  3. Type the words/phrases that you wish to be excluded in the auto-translation process in the Default column. It could be your brand name, a product name, etc. Next, type the words/phrases you want to replace the selected terms in the target languages column. You can use "Tab" button to switch between columns.
  4. Hit "Save" button 
The glossary list is case-sensitive, so make sure to type correctly your selected words. 
If you leave the target language column(s) blank, the word(s) you provided in the default language will remain the same in target languages.

Delete a glossary

  1. Go to Tranzi > Glossary
  2. Click the Trashcan icon next to the glossary you wish to delete. This action can't be undone, be careful! 
Deleting a term in the glossary list will only affect the future AI Translation process. The old translation associated with this glossary won't be modified.

How to apply Glossary for contents in your store?

  1. Go to Tranzi > Translation page
  2. Use the AI Translation feature (you can choose between 3 options: Auto-translate this page, Auto-translate all pages, and Select field to translate). 
If you want to select a field to auto-translate, the chosen field will be automatically re-translated.
  1. This dialog will pop up when you choose the other 2 options: 
  2. (Optional) Review your glossary list before auto-translate your sites by clicking "Review Glossary first" button. Make sure you don't make any mistakes or typos. 
  3. If you already have your Glossary set, select between 2 methods to apply the glossary to content in your page:
    1. Continue translate: This option will pick up your translation from where you left off, continue to translate, and apply the glossary to the remaining content. However, all the translated words before this translation process will not be affected by Glossary. 
    2. Re-translate: This option will re-translate your entire resource type, and apply glossary in all of your contents. Attention, by translating the same resource type twice, you will also be charged twice (e.g: if you already translate a page with 50 words, then choose Re-translate, you will use up to 100 words). So to avoid any loss, you should check your Glossary list before auto-translate a page.
  4. Select the method that is more suitable for you by clicking the corresponding button.
  5. Done! You can customize the language switcher in the meantime, or close the tab.