How to add items vertically in mega menu

How to add items vertically in mega menu

Mega menu is a type of expandable menu which shows submenu items in horizontal order.

There are 2 ways to adjust the position of menu items in vertical order:

1. Set Column width

Set a number of columns which an item occupies in Column width, then when the total of columns in a row exceeds 12, the next item will be dropped to second row.

For further explanation of Column width, please read this article.

2. Place submenu items in a heading item

Submenu level 1 shows in horizontal order, but submenu level 2 will show in vertical order. Hence, putting submenu items into a heading item will make them turn into submenu level 2 and show vertically.

For example, we have a mega menu with 5 products sorted horizontally. Follow these steps below to make the last 3 products listed vertically.

  • Add a submenu item > temporarily call it "New".
    Enable "Display as heading item" (optional)

  • Drag the last 3 products and drop under the "New" item to make them submenu items of it. Then you'll have 3 items listed vertically.


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