How to apply discount code?

How to apply discount code?

You're having a discount code from qikify? Here's how to apply it to your app.

1. Login to your qikify app:
You can open it via your Apps page on Shopify, or go to this link:

2. On the bottom left of every in-app dashboards, you will see the "Your profile and settings" icon > Select My profile to go to Profile page.

3. Then you will see a "You have a coupon code?" board, please paste your code in Enter your coupon ... input.
Remember that you need to choose plan of your app before entering your coupon code.

4. Click "Submit".

5. You will be redirected to Shopify billing to approve the new plan.
Re-check the pricing of your discounted plan. 
Then click "Approve subscription" or "Start free trial" to apply a new charge.

And yay, your code has been used!

Thank you for choosing to become qikify's companion. Have a greate experience with us!

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