How to create Multiple Bars Switching?

How to create Multiple Bars Switching?

*Make sure you have upgraded to Premium plan to use this feature.

To make 2 (or more) bars auto switch to each other, first you need to create 2 (or more) bars with matching configuration (showing in same pages, at the same time, same devices, same countries...).

Note: Only bars with the matching configuration (visibility, display pages, country filter, source filter) can switch to each other.

Some example for matching configuration:
  • Bar A shows on all pages, bar B shows on homepage only → when on Homepage, 2 bars will switch to each other; but on other pages, only bar A shows up.
  • Bar A only shows on desktop, bar B only shows on mobile → these two bars cannot switch.
  • Bar A shows on all countries, bar B only shows on US, bar C shows on all countries except US → visitors from US will see bar A switches to bar B, while visitors from other countries will see bar A switches to bar C.

Then, set duration time and priority order of each bar (in Step 3 - Configuration / Multiple Bars Switching).

  • Time display: define how long the bar displays
  • Priority order: define in which order this bar displays (1 is the highest priority = show first, 2 = show second,...)

Bar A: time display = 10 (s), priority order = 2
Bar B: time display = 5 (s), priority order = 1
Result: Bar B shows up first (priority = 1), after 5 seconds, bar B will disappear and switch to bar A (priority = 2). After 10 seconds, bar A will disappear and switch to bar B; continuously switching like that.

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