How to optimize impressions?

How to optimize impressions?

Sale Kit's pricing plan is based on the number of impressions you have, so it's necessary to learn about this number.

What is an Impression?

An impression is a single time an app is triggered (or is viewed) for more than one second on a page.

For example: 
  1. A visitor sees 3 sales pop showing up on a page → 3 impressions
  2. A visitor sees a promotion bar on homepage and product page → 2 impressions

If user doesn't focus on your website (change or minimize tab), app will not be triggered, therefore no impression is counted.

How to control impressions efficiently?

Sale Kit will not count the impressions if a store is viewed by an admin. So we recommend to open your store from Shopify admin to avoid consuming impressions.

If you don't want your available impressions to be out so soon, you should reduce the number of times Sale Kit showing up on your store.
Here are some ways:

1. For Social Proof apps (sales pop, visitor count, sold count):
  1. Increase "Duration of a popup" (5 - 10s / popup)
  2. Increase "Time between each popup" / "Reopen time" (5 - 10s for Sales pop, 30m - 1h for Visitor count)
  3. Reduce "Number of popup on a page" (3 - 5 popups/page)
  4. Restrict "Display on pages": shouldn't place your popup on all pages, but only on homepage or pages related to a campaign
  5. Enable "Show Close button" (if user closes a popup, it won't show up in next 1 hour)

2. For Promotion Bar:
  1. Set a "Schedule" for your bar: schedule your bar to only show at a period you need
  2. Restrict "Display on pages": shouldn't place your bar on all pages, but only on homepage or pages related to a campaign
  3. Enable "Show Close button" (if user closes a bar, it won't show up in next 1 hour)
  4. Disable a bar if unnecessary

3. For Cart countdown:
Impression of Notification bar is counted when it's viewed on cart page, but for Alert box, it is counted whenever timer is reset.
Hence, you can:
  1. Increase "Countdown time"
  2. Disable "Reset time whenever add-to-cart"
  3. Disable Alert box or Notification bar if needed

4. For Popup:
  1. Set a trigger popup "After specific time": should only show popup for customers who stay on website for an appropriate time
  2. Set a long "Repeat popup" time (recommend above 1 hour)
  3. Restrict "Display on pages": shouldn't place your popup on all pages, but only on homepage or pages related to a campaign
  4. Disable a popup if unnecessary

If your store is not published yet, you should disable each apps to avoid consuming impressions.

All methods above can only reduce the impressions at some points.
We calculated that an average number of impressions spent on a customer is about 4 or 5. Hence, if your store has many visitors a month, consider upgrade to a suitable plan.

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