Pop Up

Pop Up

A. Goals

We offer 3 types of pop up tailored specially for your goals.

You can customize each type of pop up by clicking in your preferred goal.

1. Newsletter to collect customer's email

      Show a pop up with a subscribe form to collect your customer's email. This pop up includes title, description, email label, subscribe button text and success message (when subscribed successfully).

2. Coupon to offer discount

      Show a pop up with a discount code to offer promotion for your customer. This pop up includes title, description and your discount code.

3. Offer discount to collect emails

      Show a pop up with a subscribe form to collect customer's email and give your customer a discount code after subscribing successfully. This pop up includes title, description, email label, subscribe button text, success message (when subscribed successfully) and discount code.

4. Announcement

      Introduce some news with a call-to-action button. This pop up includes title, description and a call-to-action button.

Discount code needs to match available discount code in your Shopify Discounts
Choosing a goal will apply its default message, so your message will be overwritten if you switch goal.

B. Style

1. Popup Layout

You can choose the position of image:
  1. Image Left
  2. Image Right
  3. Image Top
  4. No Image
If you are in Free plan, you only can only paste image URL

2. Styling

If you prefer manual styling, you can easily customize your bar in this section 
  1. Font family (support Google Fonts)
  2. Font size (applied for both Title & description)
  3. Text align
  4. Background color
  5. Title color
  6. Description color

3. Button

  1. Pick a color for Submit button 
  2. Display email input group (Vertical or Horizontal)
  3. Subscription button background color
  4. Subscription button text color

C. Behavior 

1. Trigger

Set the time or event when pop up should show up:
  1. After specific time: Popup auto shows after a specific time (seconds)
  2. After scrolling: Popup auto shows after customers have scrolled through some parts of the page
  3. Exit-intent: Popup shows when customer is about to leave (hover on close-tab button)

2. Display on page

Select pages to show your popup
  1. All papes: show popup on every page 
  2. Homepage only: show popup on homepage only 
  3. Exactly URL: paste the full and exact page URLs where to display your popup
  4. Only pages with URL: only show popup on some specific pages (you can add multiple pages, separate with "enter" and don't forget the protocol "http://", "https://")
  5. Any pages except the following: exclude popup on some specific page (you can add multiple pages, separate with "enter" and don't forget the protocol "http://", "https://")
For the "Only page with URL" and "Any page except the following pages" option, they will recognize any URL containing the link you add.
For example: in the "Only page with URL" field, you paste a product's link: myshopify.com/product-A/ 
Popup will show on all links starting with myshopify.com/product-A/, eg. /product-A/?ref=..., /product-A/utm=...

To avoid the case that some pages have the same part in URL (eg. /product-A and /product-ABC), you can resort to Exactly URL.

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