Sales Pop

Sales Pop


Sales Pop shows your recently orders, so you need to import your orders to sales pop. 
There are 2 ways to import your orders:
  1. Automatic: The system will automatically take data from Shopify orders and update on Sales pop (maximum: 30 orders /import)
  2. Manual import: Allow your to create your own orders list (unlimited orders created)
In case you don't have enough orders available, you can user Manual import to add products list, customer name list, location list and time list. The system will mix your data to create random sales pop. 



With sales pop message, you can customize content and language to serve your purpose.
Please DO NOT edit variable {CUSTOMER}, {LOCATION} and {PRODUCT} because our app will auto-import customer, location and product data based on these variables. However, you can reorder these variables, or remove the variable you don't want to show up on sale pop.

DO NOT create 3-line message. It'll break sale pop's layout.

Number of popup per page

The number of pop up allowed to show up on each page.

Recommend to set 10 popups per page to distribute sales pop on many pages.

Time Settings

*All the settings below use second unit*

  1. Time between each popup: How long for the next pop up to show up

  2. Duration of a popup: How long a pop up will last

  3. Delay before first popup shows: The first pop up on each page will be displayed after a selected time. 
If an order has already appeared in sales pop, then it won't re-appear in at least 1 hour later.

Display on page

Select pages to show sales pop:
  1. All papes: show sales pop everywhere 
  2. Homepage only: show on homepage only 
  3. Exactly URL: paste the full and exact page URLs where to display sales pop
  4. Only pages with URL: only show on some specific pages (you can add multiple pages, separate with "enter" and don't forget the protocol "http://", "https://")
  5. Any pages except the following: exclude on some specific page (you can add multiple pages, separate with "enter" and don't forget the protocol "http://", "https://")
For the "Only page with URL" and "Any page except the following pages" option, they will recognize any URL containing the link you add.
For example: in the "Only page with URL" field, you paste a product's link: 
Sales pop will show on all links starting with, eg. /product-A/?ref=..., /product-A/utm=...

To avoid the case that some pages have the same part in URL (eg. /product-A and /product-ABC), you can resort to Exactly URL.


Customize pop up position with Bottom left, Bottom right, Top left, Top right.
Remember to set position differently between each app (sales pop, visitor count, sold count...) to avoid overlapping.

Show close button 

If enabled, whenever visitors hover over the popup, a close "x" button will appear. 

If a pop up is closed, all sales pop won't appear for 1 hour

Hide time on pop up 

Choose hide time if you don't want visitors to know the date of orders.



We offer you up to 8 layouts to choose and customize 

For further adjustment, please edit with features below


Choose the shape of sales popup.

Background color 

Customize the background color to synchronize sales pop with the rest of your store 

Text color 

Edit the message color 

Recommend to choose a vibrant or outstanding color to emphasize the product link 

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