Setup Google reCaptcha v2 to all Contact Forms

Setup Google reCaptcha v2 to all Contact Forms

Google reCaptcha is a free and popular service to prevent your site from being abused and spammed by bots. This article will show you how to quickly setup Google reCaptcha v2 Site Key and Secret Key.

  1. First, visit the Google reCaptcha website.

  2. Click on “Admin Console” button on top of the page.

3. Login to your Google account

4. The “Register a new site” form will open. You will now have to input all required informations correctly to integrate Google reCaptcha to your website.

  • Label: This is not visible to your public, so try to name your label intuitively

  • reCaptcha type: Select “reCaptcha v2” → “I’m not a robot tickbox”

  • Domains: The website URL where you will integrate this key, e.g

  • Owners: If you want to registrer multiple owners, type their email addresses in “Enter email adresses” field. Otherwise, you don’t have to change anything.

  • Alerts: Enable this option to receive email alert whenever there is a problem with your website, such as misconfiguration or increase suspicious traffic.

5. Once you've filled the whole form, hit the "Submit" button. 

6. You just obtained your new Site key and Secret key! Now you can use these keys to configure the Google reCaptcha settings in Contact Form.

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