You can add a badge (or label) to your product to catch your customer's eyes, increase CTR and promote your campaign. 
*Available in Premium plan only.

1. How to add and customize badge? 

  • Badge is only available in 4 item layouts: Text link, Text & IconProduct and . With each item, turn "Add badge" switch on to input content, adjust background and text color.
    • Badge text: Edit badge content
    • Badge background: Choose color for badge background (color code is allowed)
    • Badge color: Choose color for badge text (color code is allowed)

  • When enabling Badge, badge will be automatically displayed at top right of its item. 

2. What can badge do? 

  • You can add unlimited badges to decorate your menu and promote any products you want. According to Statistia, 82% of customers pay more attention to highlight products than those are just shown on the screen.   
Badge products
Don't overuse badge to promote every product and make your customer overwhelmed with information. 
Tips: For the best display, in each menu, recommended maximum of products is 5 and maximum of badges is 3. 
  • Not only products, you can also promote your campaign by adding badge to your menu. 
Badge campaign
  • Or you can add both image and badge to make your menu even better and gain your shopper experience. 
    • 90% of customers stay longer on a website due to enhanced user experiences. 
    • Purchasing possibility of a typical shopper increases 5-10% when stay longer on a website. 
Image with badge
Image with badge 2

Available on Shopify App Store!
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