Sticky Bar

  1. Enable on desktop: allow your sticky bar to appear on desktop version 
  2. Enable on mobile: allow your sticky bar to appear on mobile version 
"Enable on mobile"  works on screen width that is below 992 pixels


Position on desktop/mobile 

Set the position of sticky cart bar. Please remind if your store is having any other bars showing up in the selected position.

In case, Show only when theme's Add-to-cart button is not visible doesn't work on your store. Please contact us
If you enable Hide on sold out product, the sticky bar doesn't disappear but the add-to-cart button will be changed into out of stock instead .
On mobile, it's recommended to set the bar on bottom to make it easier for user to tap on.

Button action 

Set the action when customers click on your sticky cart bar. 
  1. Add to cart and stay on page
  2. Go to cart page 
  3. Go to checkout page, skip cart

Unavailable status text

This status appears when your variants don't exist.

Out of Stock status text

This status appears when one variant sold out (inventory = 0).


Bar height 

Adjust the height to suit your store. Recommend to set the height at 100 (pixel) to have the best result.

You can only adjust the height on desktop version. On mobile, the height is fixed. 

Font family 

Our app supports Google Fonts. Type a font name in "Font family" to search for a font that fits your theme. 
Leave the font family blank if you want to use theme's default font.


You can fully customize the color in sticky bar. Recommend to choose colors that suit your theme.

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