Tips for better promoting

Tips for better promoting

Affiliate Marketing can be a significant source of income for everyone. We create Qikify Affiliate program to support the many Shopify developers, merchants … who take time to share our products.

To support you maximize your Affiliate Marketing effectiveness, here is a short guide that offers essential tips for better promoting:

Know your audience

Before you even start thinking about your affiliate strategy, please consider who your key customers are, why they are reading your blog, joining your email marketing list, or following your advice. Make sure the affiliate product you are promoting is suitable for your audience's needs.

For example, if you promote our app Sale Kit, you should focus on customers who are starting their own online business. Sale Kit’s features such as Social Proof, Popup, and other Build Trust tools will provide a solution for customers' problems.

Select Affiliate Products Carefully

You should take time to go through all our different products available, and you will find the best choices that you need for your Affiliate plan.

Our apps now have lots of active users (20k+ users), the customers can get instant access and instant gratification when they purchase. The price of our products' paid plans is quite low compared to other apps in the same segment. We also provide essential marketing assets (images, banners, content, etc.), so you can save time on promoting.

E.g: Our app Smart Menu is suitable for most stores, it allows users to create free mega menus and customize them to best fit for stores. Users also are able to add products, images, or collections to their menus. That’s the reason why many merchants will be interested in Smart Menu if you introduce it to them.

Make a Plan

Having a plan (or even a backup plan) is very important. Firstly, think about the WH questions: What, Who, Where, When, Why, and How.

What are products will you promote? Why do you choose these products? Who are your key customers? Where will you promote these products? When will you start? How will you promote these products and get very first followers?

E.g; If you decide to choose Contact Form as your key product to promote, you may consider telling your client about how important the strong customer network is. “When a lot of store owners only care about seeking new buyers and how to sell as much as they can, if you are about to build a real strong customer network with all old and potential buyers, it means you are making the difference”, or something better than this.

And if this plan doesn’t work, what will you do?

Content Comes First

Your content is your foundation. Content appears everywhere. Without engaging and helpful content, followers won't come. You should add value to your content, and they’ll come back for more time and time again. 

First, makes your content different. Your USP (Unique Selling Point) is the most critical factor, and that is the reason they come to your site over anyone else’s. You should show you content in creative ways: as a video, images, infographic, or helpful blog posts. Impress your clients with anything you can do.

E.g; According to Google research, 6/10 Millenials would follow the advice of a favorite creator on Youtube over a favorite TV/Movie personality on what to buy. The consumers don’t just love videos, they are influenced by it. Create a video is a great idea, like this. No matter what platform you use to perform, if you have excellent content, it will work.

Be Patient

Affiliate revenue grows and builds up with time. For the first customers, you may get stuck. But good things take time. Step by step, you can continually earn commissions every month on the same products, which can add up over time.

We’re confident our Affiliate Program can help you get more commission share, help you discover apps you can use to provide the best solution that your followers love.

Join Qikify Affiliate today and start your affiliate!

If you have any concerns, please contact us. 

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