Tracking Performance with Analytics Tool

Tracking Performance with Analytics Tool


On Quick View Dashboard, you can track numbers of clicks on add-to-cart and buy-now buttons with our analytics tool.
This feature is only available in Basic plan and Premium plan.

Line chart 

On the chart, hold on a point to see the figures:

The line chart above can be created based on hourly, daily and monthly records. Click on one of the three buttons on the top of the chart to view each.

Tracking period adjusting

In addition, you can view the figures in a specific period of time by adjusting on the date bar. After clicking on the bar, the time adjusting board will appear:

Choose the beginning and ending date of the period you want to record click or a default period from the right column, for example select ‘Last Week’ and click 'Apply'. The result is as below:

Percentage table

The two tables will show a total of "Add to cart" and "Buy now" in last seven days with percentage compared to previous period.

"Add to cart" table is free to all users 

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