Why we switch Sale Kit from Free to Freemium app

It is official that Sale Kit is now a Freemium app, which includes a Free plan (with usage limitation) and Paid plans (still very reasonable).
If you feel great with that, let's go straight to see what you have at hand using Sale Kit: plan comparison.
If you still hesitate, please spend a few minutes to discover why the Freemium version of Sale Kit is a win-win game for you.

Why Sale Kit can't stay a free app?

The short answer is: It costs to develop a high-quality app and maintain its stabilization. 

To break down it for you, every time we want to launch new features, we need more market research and more developers. Each time our app loads on a store, for example a sales pop showing up, is a cost for our server. We tried several ways to postpone this upgrade (upgrade server, optimize database...), but then boom... one day our server was still overload and dead in some hours. Because on the day before, our app somehow climbed to the Trending apps..., well, we did laugh and cry at the same time. So, we want to make sure we can deliver a steady app and that Sale Kit can accompany you for years, that's why we decided: it's time to upgrade. This is a hard reality to face, yet we head for the better. 

Is freemium version worth?

The answer depends on how much you want to expand your business market. Basically, our app charges are based on the number of impressions per month (*impression* is the act of a customer viewing an element from our app such as sales pop, visitor count...etc), which means the more you want to attract customers, the more fixed cost you have to pay for our app. 

But with the subscription plan, we can bring you more benefits such as :
  1. Fast and steady performance - by upgrading and maintaining servers
  2. More useful features - by research and development process
  3. Issues are resolved quicker - by invest in a dynamic support team
  4. Valuable content - with the best practices and tips
    and many more ideas we have in future plan.

What can we do for you to make up for this change?

Nobody likes to be charged, we understand that. So as a compensation for this change, we offer a bonus in usage for all users installed Sale Kit since the Free version (before Dec 18th, 2019): extra 4,000 impressions in Free plan and Basic plan. Hence, normal users only get 1,200 impressions limit in Free plan and 12,000 in Basic plan, but you'll get 5,200 and 16,000 impressions instead, and this offer will be along with you FOREVER. It is a big bargain for you and a token of us for your trust and companion. 

Finish yet?
We would like to sincerely thank for your trust and understanding, hope we can go with you for a long time.
Don't hesitate to share your thoughts or feedback, we love communication.
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