Color Swatch

            Color swatch feature is only available in Premium plan.
            This new feature creates colors corresponding to product variants for better buying experience, in addition to a dropdown list.

            Swatch Shape

            Use this to customize the border of color swatches. There are 3 options for you: Square, Circle and Rounded Square.

            Custom colors

            Click on 'Add more color' to add color to swatch. Type in the first box to add title of color to your color swatch.

            Title must match the color name of your product variants, including uppercase, lowercase, space, hyphen, ampersand...

            The second box will give you 3 options on how to show color.

            With the first 2 options, you can create single-color and double-color variants. 
            'Image' option allows you to upload image from your device or insert link to image you want to add.

            If you want to remove color, click on the bin icon on the right.


            To see how color swatch looks on your popup, click on the arrow on the top left of preview board to import actual product and preview swatch.

            Updated: 22 Jul 2019 01:37 PM
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