Customize Quick View Popup

            Popup Layout

            Main image position

            You can choose to display main product image on the left or on the right of the popup.

            Thumbnails position

            The other images can be arranged on the left, right or bottom of the main image, or not to be displayed.
            Thumbnail images are hidden on mobile. If you want to show on mobile, contact us.

            Show arrows

            When enabled, it shows 2 arrows on the left and right side of main image. Click on these arrows to change between product images.

            Show number of image

            This feature helps to show the total number of images of the product. Click on the number will change to the corresponding image.

            Enabe inner Zoom image

            *Only available in Basic & Premium plan
            Enable this and then click on the image to zoom the product.
            Zoom does not work on mobile to avoid affecting customer's touch event.

            You can resize popup and product main image into 'Small', 'Medium', 'Large' sizes.

            Image ratio

            Adjust image ratio to enhance the overall structure of Quick view pop up.


            *Only available in Basic &Premium plan

            Modify popup animation to make quick view appearance smoother and more attractive. 

            Product info


            We offer two options of displaying description. 

            Show Short description (not support description format) 

            Only bare text is displayed.
            You can restrict it by entering the word limit you prefer.

            Show Full description (support description format) 

            All types of text format (URL/bold/underlined,etc..) are shown. 

            For the full description position, it can be placed at the top of the popup (under product name & price), or at the bottom of popup. 
            If placed on top, full description can be cut off by enabling the "Enable See more/less", and you can set limits on the content by height. 
            If placed on bottom, description will fully show. (recommend to set on bottom if description is too long). 
            'Description' is hidden on mobile version to have cleaner user interface.

            SKU, Product type & Vendor

            All information is taken from product admin. 
            Product type and Vendor link to the corresponding filter.

            Product availability

            To show the number of products available in Inventory, we need to add a small script into your theme.
            Please refer to this article to learn how: How to show Product Availability on Quick view

            Button action

            Add to cart button

            After your customers click on 'Add to cart' button, they can direct to Cart page or Checkout page (Basic & Premium only) immediately.
            After adding to cart successfully, a message will appear. You can change this message in Extra.
            These two modes can be enabled at once. If so, "Go to checkout" will be priority.

            Buy now button

            *Only available in Basic & Premium plan. 
            Buy Now button will direct customer to Checkout immediately, skip cart page.

            This links to product page to see product details.

            Fonts and colors


            Our app supports Google Fonts, you can type the font name to search.
            Leave it blank if you want to use theme's default font.

            Price font and product title font are selected separately. To change these two fonts, go the 'Price font' and 'Product title font' option below.


            Choose colors for Product title, Price, Description, 'Add to cart' button text and color.
            On the bar of each section, type color code (remember the # ) or click on the rounded square on the right to choose color from color palette.

            The Highlight color applies for: Saving amount badge, number on Visitor count, and all hover color.

            Updated: 22 Jul 2019 12:53 PM
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