Design Quick View Button


            Enable 'Show button icon' mode to display Quick View button icon. Choose the icon you want to display from the list.

            Button on Desktop


            To show text on button, switch 'Show button text' on.
            When button text is shown, the default text is 'Quick View', but you can change it by typing in the Button text section.


            This feature helps you put Quick View button on any position on the image. Click on the position bar to choose from the list.
            1. Top left
            2. Top right
            3. Center
            4. Bottom left
            5. Bottom right
            Choosing position prevents Quick View button from overlaping default button of your theme.

            Button on Mobile

            Button Action

            On mobile, you can choose to always show/hide this button, or only show it when your customers tap the product image by choosing 'Tap image to show'.


            This feature is similar to Position on Desktop.

            On mobile, only button icon will be displayed (button text is not available). 
            Button position is also different from the one set on desktop in case they may overlap each other.



            You can change color of button and button text by entering color code on the bar or clicking on the rounded square on the right to choose from color palette.

            You can also choose different colors for button background and text when hovering on Quick View button.

            Border radius

            The corner of the button can be rounded and you can choose border radius, or choose 'None' to display the button in a regular rectangle shape.

            Button z-index

            z-index represents stacking order when you have numerous buttons.

            Enter the number in the bar in the section to customize stacking order of the button.

            Updated: 11 Jul 2019 06:08 PM
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