Extra Features

            CSS Selector of your cart

            A CSS selector is the part of the code that identifies what part of the web page should be styled. In Quickview, it is used to integrate with your theme cart.

            Follow this instruction to know how to find the css selector of your cart.

            Add to cart message

            This message will appear after your customers add products successfully. 
            By default, the message is set as 'This item has been added to cart!'. You can change the words in this section by entering the new text on the bar below:

            This field supports HTML, so you can even change the color and style of the text.
            You can find a Doc to HTML editor to convert your message to HTML, or paste this HTML below to the field:
            <span style="color: #333;">This item has been added to cart! <a style="text-decoration: underline; color: #333;" href="/cart">View cart</a> or <a style="text-decoration:underline; color: #333;" href="/collections/all">Continue shopping</a></span>
            You can change the #333 to the color hex you like, or change the "/collections/all" to the link you want when clicking on Continue shopping.

            Out of stock and Unavailable button

            If a product variant is out of stock (inventory = 0), the "Add to cart" button will change to "Out of stock" and unclickable.
            If a variant does not exist, the "Add to cart" button will change to "Unavailable" and unclickable.

            Updated: 03 Nov 2019 12:04 PM
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