FAQs for Mobile Menu

            Is the Free plan really free?

            Yes, it is 100% free and forever free to use. We won't even ask for a credit card.
            By default, when you install Mobile Menu, you will be in Free plan. You only get charged once you upgrade to Premium plan.

            What is the difference between the Free plan & Premium plan?

            Please see the comparison table of two plans here.

            Can I downgrade to Free plan after upgrading to Premium plan?

            Yes you can.
            To cancel Premium plan, please go to "Profile" page > click on "Cancel subscription" button to cancel your Premium plan.

            After canceling, a message will appear to show you when your Premium plan will end (based on the date when app charge was generated).
            During this time, you can always switch back to Premium plan by clicking on "Stay premium" button.

            If you do not re-subscribe before the ending date of your current Premium plan, you will be back to Free plan. All your premium options will remain intact but you will no longer be able to edit or configure them.

            Why is the menu on preview different from my real store?

            Because your theme can override some styles of Mobile Menu (for example: font, color). 
            If you need to restyle your menu, please contact us.

            How can I add Mobile Menu on an unpublished theme to preview?

            *This trick does not work with "Floating menu"

            Mobile Menu shows up on your store by replacing your main menu. Hence, if you want to add it to an unpublished theme, you need to use a different main menu. Please follow the steps below:
            1. Go to Online store > Navigation > Add a new menu (eg. Test Menu) 
            2. Add a menu item, eg. "Test" > attach link to: yourstore.myshopify.com/smart-menu
              (It's important that this menu has a different link from the first item in Main menu.)
            3. Go to Online store > Themes > click on Customize of the unpublished theme
            4. Find where you can change your menu on this theme (this option is often found in Header or Navigation) > Select the "Test Menu" instead of Main menu. Save.
            5. Login to Mobile Menu > Display settings > select "Test Menu" in Replace theme menu - by select menu from list (remove Main menu).
            Then Mobile Menu will replace the menu on your unpublished theme, not affect your live store.

            For users who are using CSS selector method:
            • If the unpublished and published theme are different themes: find the CSS selector of the menu in the unpublished and paste to Replace theme menu - by CSS selector
            • If they are the same theme: there's no way to preview it. You will need to switch to Select menu from list and follow the instruction above.

            Updated: 05 Jun 2019 03:04 PM
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