Frequently Asked Questions for Quick View

            What is the difference among Free plan, Basic plan and Premium plan?

            Please see the comparison table of there plans here.

            Can I downgrade to Basic after upgrading to Premium plan?

            Yes you can. To cancel Premium plan, please go to My Profile page > click on "Cancel subscription" button to cancel your Premium plan.

            After canceling, a message will appear to show you when your Premium plan will end (based on the date when app charge was generated).
            During this time, you can always switch back to Premium plan by clicking on "Stay premium" button.

            If you do not re-subscribe before the ending date of your current Premium plan, you will be back to Basic plan and all premium features will be hidden.

            Currency on Quick View is different from my store

            In preview, we set product price in $dollar for demo purpose. When you add Quick View to your store, Quick View will auto apply the default currency of your theme.
            If you're using an app to convert currency, it might not work with Quick View.
            For special cases, please contact us to find a solution.

            I want to update my cart when an item is added to cart via quick view

            Please refer to this article to know how: Integrate with theme's Cart using CSS selector

            My theme has other buttons showing up over product item

            In case your theme has built-in buttons appearing when hovering over a product item, you can:
            1. Change Quick view button position on desktop and mobile to avoid overlapping
            2. Disable buttons on theme settings (recommend)
            3. Contact us if you need help to hide or reorder theme's buttons
            4. Contact us if you want to integrate Quick View plus to your theme’s button

            Quick View button shows up in a wrong place

            Usually our app searches through your page and add Quick View button on any element containing product link.
            That's why sometimes quick view button shows up not only on product items, but on banners or other places.
            In this case, please contact us to help you remove quick view on wrong places.

            How can I change the "View cart" or "Continue shopping" message?

            You can edit the message This item has been added to cart! View cart or Continue shopping in Extras → Message when add to cart successfully:

            This field supports HTML, so you can even change the color and style of the text.
            You can find a Doc to HTML editor to convert your message to HTML, or paste this HTML below to the field:
            <span style="color: #333;">This item has been added to cart! <a style="text-decoration: underline; color: #333;" href="/cart">View cart</a> or <a style="text-decoration:underline; color: #333;" href="/collections/all">Continue shopping</a></span>
            You can change the #333 to the color hex you like, or change the "/collections/all" to the link you want when clicking on Continue shopping.

            Updated: 27 Nov 2019 08:09 PM
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