Frequently Asked Questions for Smart Bar

            Is the Free plan really free?

            Yes, it is 100% free and forever free to use. We won't even ask for a credit card.
            By default, when you install Smart Bar, you will be in Free plan. You only get charged once you upgrade to Premium plan.

            What is the difference between the Free plan & Premium plan?

            Please see the comparison table of two plans here.

            Can I downgrade to Free plan after upgrading to Premium plan?

            Yes you can.
            To cancel Premium plan, please go to "Profile" page → click on "Cancel subscription" button to cancel your Premium plan.

            After canceling, a message will appear to show you when your Premium plan will end (based on the date when app charge was generated).
            During this time, you can always switch back to Premium plan by clicking on "Stay premium" button.

            If you do not re-subscribe before the ending date of your current Premium plan, you will be back to Free plan. All your premium options will remain intact but you will no longer be able to edit or configure them.

            Why is the bar not showing up on my website?

            Please check the detailed guide here to see the potential reasons and solutions.

            Can Smart Bar display as soon as the website loads?

            To improve Smart Bar's loading speed, please copy and paste the line of html code below into the theme.liquid file right above </body>
            <script type="text/javascript" src="{{ shop.permanent_domain }}"></script>

            Can I have multiple bars on my store?

            In Free plan, you can have up to 3 bars at a time.
            In Premium plan, you can have unlimited number of bars.

            If you would like to have multiple bars display on the same page, you could use the Multiple Bars Switching function (read the detailed instruction here). However, this feature is only available in Premium plan. In Free plan, only the first created bar can show up on the same page.

            Why is the bar not responsive?

            A Smart Bar might not display well on mobile or other small screens because the content is too long.
            To achieve the best responsiveness, you should create different bars for each device with optimized content.

            For example: You have a bar with Message + Button + 6 Product images, configure it to show on desktop only.
            Duplicate this bar and edit the duplicated bar to only have Message + 4 Product images (customize the size of each if necessary) and configure it to show on mobile only.

            Message + Button + 6 Product images on Desktop only

              Message (with smaller font size) + 4 Product images on Mobile only

            You can watch our tutorial video to learn more.

            Can I upload my own background image?

            Yes you can.
            In Free plan, you can paste the URL of your image to Background image field.
            In Premium plan, you can directly upload your image to Smart Bar.
            We also provide options to add different background image on desktop, tablet and mobile for the best responsiveness.

            The background image should be in PNG or JPG as they are the most common image format. If you are using the default settings, the recommend size for desktop is 2880x128, for tablet is 1536x90 and for mobile is 640x90.
            Updated: 20 Feb 2019 01:11 PM
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