Frequently Asked Questions for Smart Menu

            What is the difference among Free, Basic and Premium plans ?

            Please see the comparison table of three plans here.

            Can I downgrade to Free/Basic plan after upgrading?

            Yes you can.
            To cancel paid plans, please go to "Profile" page > click on "Cancel subscription" button.

            After canceling, a message will appear to show you when your current plan will end (based on the date when app charge was generated).
            During this time, you can always switch back to that plan by clicking on "Stay Premium" (or "Stay Basic") button.

            If you do not re-subscribe before the ending date of your current plan, you will be back to Free plan and all premium/basic features will be hidden.

            How can I switch my plan?

            To switch your current plan, please go to "Profile" page > click on the button below the 'or switch your plan' line and choose the plan you want

            About the different in app charge, please refer to this article.

            How many times can I try a paid plan?

            With Basic plan and Premium plan, you will have a free 7-day trial for only once. That means, if you are having Premium plan trial for 5 days (still have 2 days left), when you switch to Basic plan trial, your current Premium trial will expire and won't be available any longer.

            Why is Smart Menu not showing up or showing incorrectly?

            Please check the detailed guide here to see the potential reasons and solutions.
            Or contact us to make it show up for you.

            My old menu still appears before Smart Menu shows up

            To achieve the best user experience, Shopify always loads your website first, and then apps, that's why your old navigation still appears.
            Read our instruction here to know how to hide it.

            Some options work in app preview but not on live store

            Your store might be running an old version of Smart Menu, which does not support those new options yet.
            Please follow this article to update the latest version of Smart Menu.

            I can't customize Smart Menu on mobile

            On mobile, Smart Menu takes the style of your theme's menu, color options in app can't apply on mobile.
            For example, the background of your original mobile menu is white, then Smart Menu will show up as white background and dark text.

            If you need to edit the style of mobile menu, please contact us to customize your theme.

            If you want more control of mobile menu, check out Mobile Menu - our new app specialized in mobile menu.

            How can I have a separate menu on mobile and desktop?

            Mega menu is the good choice on desktop because it can show many collections and products, but it might be too much on mobile.
            You can use the "Hide on mobile" or "Hide on desktop" option inside each item to only show some specific menus on desktop or mobile.
            Otherwise, you can leave the "Select mobile menu" blank to show your original menu (in Shopify navigation) on mobile.

            Have a better mobile menu with our Mobile Menu app.

            How can I upload my image?

            In Free plan, you can only paste the URL of your image to Image field.
            (You can upload an image to get its URL in your Shopify admin / Settings / Files / Upload file)

            In Premium plan, you can directly upload your image to Smart Menu.
            Depending on the internet speed, you might occur some error when uploading an image. Please try to re-upload a few times.
            The background image should be in PNG or JPG as they are the most common image format.

            How can I adjust width of a submenu item?

            To adjust width of a menu item, edit the Column width of it.

            To learn more, read the instruction of Column width.

            How can I adjust width of the submenu box?

            1. Edit the Top menu item → scroll down to find the Submenu width & position → change from Fullwidth to Center or Left/Right Edge... (up to you)
            2. Width option will show up below → input the number of width (in pixel) you want to adjust (for example: 600px)

            For further instruction of Submenu, please read this article.

            How can I highlight a specific menu item?

            The Title field of a menu item allows HTML, so you can add some HTML to hightlight your item.
            1. Change color: <font color="#ff0000">MENU TITLE</font> or <span style="color: #ff000">MENU TITLE</span>
            2. Bold text: <strong>STRONG MENU</strong>
            3. Italic text: <em>ITALIC MENU</em>

            If you set a fixed width for menu (eg. 800px), it might be cut off on smaller screens such as tablets. (for mobile, it'll turn to sidebar menu).
            To solve this, we have 2 suggestions:
            • Change the position of submenu to left or right, depending on the position of menu.
              For example, you're setting a menu to show center and it's cut off the right side, then should set it to show on Left
            • Set submenu fullwidth (recommend): it'll auto show full-width on all screen sizes, avoiding cutting off.
            For further instructions, please refer to: Submenu settings.

            I changed something in product but it does not update on menu

            When you add a product to menu, its current data (image, name, price) are added to menu. So when menu shows up on your store, it doesn't need to search for data of that product again, which can reduce the loading time.

            To update new changes, please manually re-add your products to menu. (you might need to select product again to deselect it).

            Updated: 13 Nov 2019 12:03 AM
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