General Settings for Slideshow

            In this tab, you will choose collection page to display slideshow and customize slideshow to fit your store.

            Name your slideshow 

            Type slideshow name in the first box of the tab. 
            All your created slideshows will be on dashboard page like this:

            Choose collection page

            You can add slideshow on all collections or choose some specific collections from the list. You can also add on 'All products' page. 
            A slideshow can be added to several collection pages.

            Config & Style

            Edit slide size

            Edit the height and width of image by entering the number in the boxes. For image width, you can leave empty to display in 100% width. For better responsiveness, you can edit image height on mobile as well.


            To autoplay slideshow, enable 'Autoplay' mode. You can customize how fast your slideshow plays by editing autoplay speed. If you want to pause autoplay mode while hovering on slideshow, please switch 'Pause on hover' on.

            Text font

            Customize text font family and font size at right below 'Autoplay' section.

            Overlay opacity 

            To make slide text easier to be noticed, there will be a covering overlay on your image. You can customize its opacity for better look. Leave 0% if you don't want covering, or 100% to cover the image completely.


            To customize the distance from slideshow border to other elements on your store, edit the number in 'Margin' box. This will make slideshow better fit your store theme.

            Dots & Arrows

            To show dots and arrows on slideshow, enable 'Show Dots' and 'Show Arrows'. You can choose dots and arrows types from the list, and choose dot position as well. 
            To change the color of dots and arrows, please choose from 'Theme' section with 2 options: Dark and Light.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2019 12:03 AM
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