How to Embed Form to a page

            In Display > Open form in > select Embed Form if you want to display Contact Form in a page content, don't want to trigger form with a button.

            Then you need to add this shortcode to the page content or liquid file:

            <div contactform-embed='FORM_ID'></div>

            Remember to replace FORM_ID with the number of your form, which you can find in the end of the url where you edit your form.
            NOTE: you must click "Create" button to create form first, then you'll have your form id.

            In our example, the shortcode will be: <div contactform-embed='20239'></div>

            There are 2 ways to add this shortcode:

            Method 1: Add to page content

            1. Go to your page in Shopify admin  Edit your page.
            2. In the Content editor, click the <> button to show HTML

            1. Paste the shortcode into the Content editor

            1. Save and Done.

            Method 2: Add to liquid file

            * This method requires coding experience.
            1. Go to your Shopify admin → Themes → Actions → Edit code

            1. Find your template liquid that your page is using. For example, if you want to add to a "Contact" page which is using "" template, then find the

            1. Paste the shortcode to the position you want in page

            1. Save and Done.


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            Updated: 13 Nov 2019 12:03 AM
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