How to uninstall Smart Menu completely

            When installing, Smart Menu adds some scripts directly to your published theme to make it load faster.
            When uninstalling on Apps page, these scripts still remains in your theme.

            Follow these steps to uninstall Smart Menu completely:

            Step 1. Uninstall in Apps page:

            Go to your Shopify admin > Apps > find the Smart Menu app > click on Recycle bin button on the right

            A popup will show up. Please write some reasons why you uninstall Smart Menu (it's important to us) and then click "Uninstall".

            Then, Smart Menu will be removed in your Apps list and you will no longer be able to access to Smart Menu.

            All your menu data is stored in our database, so you can get it back if you re-install Smart Menu.

            Step 2. Remove scripts in theme

            Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes > click the "Actions" button on your published theme > Edit code.

            In the page that open, click on the theme.liquid that will appear under Layout.

            Press Ctrl + F to open the search box inside this theme.liquid > type "qikify".
            There will be 3 lines containing the word "qikify" > remove the whole 3 lines, including:
            1.   {% include 'qikify-navigator' %}
            2.   {{ 'qikify-smartmenu-data.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}
            3.   <script type="text/javascript" src="{{ 'qikify-smartmenu-v3.min.js?shop=' | append: shop.permanent_domain | asset_url }}" defer="defer"></script>

            Click "Save".

            Step 3. Remove data in theme

            Stay still on the "Edit code" page from step 2, type "qikify" in the search box on the left panel.

            There are 3 files containing "qikify": qikify-navigator.liquidqikify-smartmenu-data.js and qikify-smartmenu-v4.min.js (or qikify-smartmenu-v3.min.js).

            To remove these files, click on each file name > the file will be opened on the right > click on the "Delete" button > confirm Delete.

            Done. Smart Menu is now removed completely on your store.

            All your menu data is stored in our database, so you can get it back if you re-install Smart Menu.

            If you hid your original menu before as our instruction, please remember to remove the added code to make your original menu show up.

            *If you find this instruction difficult to follow, or face any problem while doing, please contact us for help.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2019 12:03 AM
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