Support Policy

            Support Time

            • Mon - Fri | 9am - 6pm (GMT+7)
            • All tickets/topics will be answered within 24 hours. (Response time can vary based on ticket volume)

            Support Scope

            • Answering any questions about Qikify products, functionality and technical capabilities, including pre-sale questions. Unlimited support questions.
            • Fixing bugs or issues: please provide us necessary info to deal with the bug.
            • Providing updates: ensure your app is compatible with new software versions
            • New feature requests: as long as the feature will add value to the product and is requested by others too, we will add them.
            • Custom code or code modifications: limited; depending on workload, minor requests can be handled, major one will charge some extra fee. If we perform any code changes, we are unable to guarantee it will be error-free.

            Out of Scope

            1. App customization which is too far from the core feature or requires heavy workload
            2. Customization which is not related to app (eg. theme customization, other app customization)
            3. We do NOT provide support for who violates our app policy (eg. remove watermark or use premium version unauthorisedly...)


            • Please check out our Knowledge Base or Community before submitting a ticket. Your questions might already be answered.
            • For better understand, please write your ticket in English.
            • Please don't submit a duplicate ticket or send a follow-up email until you hear back from our support team. It won't help to shorten the support time.
            • Topics in Community are public. Please consider before sharing any information in topics.
            • Your information in Tickets are confidential. Only you and our support team will see your ticket.

            If you have any further questions or concerns about our support policy, feel free to get in touch.
            Updated: 04 Sep 2019 08:19 PM
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