Tracking Performances with Analytics in Smart Bar

            Smart Bar auto tracks number of views, clicks, closes on each bar.

            You can read our instruction below or watch our tutorial video here to learn more about this feature:

            You can see the total analytics report of all bars in Analytics page.

            In the overview chart, hover to each point to see the total number of views, clicks and closes on each day.

            Note: The position of a point can be varied due to different timezone (GMT). It will place in the position corresponding to your local time, but still within the related date.
            For example: if you live in GMT+7, then the point will be like this:

            Below the overview chart is a list of all bars, with the number of clicks on each bar.

            Click on "more >" will show you the detailed analytics report of a bar. (This report is available in Premium plan only).

            This detailed report will show you all tracking metrics of a bar, including: overview chart, number of views, clicks, closes, click-through-rate (click/view percentage) and heatmap (where visitors click on bar).
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