Upselling features

            All upselling features are available in premium plan only.

            Saving amount 

            Enable 'Show saving amount' mode to show saving amount.

            This will be displayed if the product has compared price.

            Next/Previous product 

            When enabled, two arrows will appear on the top right corner of the information column. 
            Click on these arrows to switch the product while still in Quick View mode, no need to quit.

            This feature only switch to available products on current page.

            Promotion bar

            A bar will be displayed on the top of Quick View popup. This helps inform your customers on your current offers. To display a top promotion bar, enable 'Show promotion bar'.

            Sale badge 

            A sale badge on a product shows that this product is currently on sale.
            Switch 'Sale badge' mode on to display this.

            This will be displayed if the product has compared price.

            Visitors count

            Visitors count shows a random number of visitors are viewing a product. 

            Add the minimum and maximum number and quick view will show a random number from this range.

            Trust badge

            A trust badge (or guarantee badge) is a symbol that ensures visitors that your store is legitimate.
            To add trust badge, insert url link to the badge or click on 'Browse' to upload your own image.
            We also provide you a trust badge here.

            Social sharing

            To make the product available to share on social network, enable 'Show social sharing buttons'. 
            Your products can be shared via:
            1. Facebook
            2. Twitter
            3. Pinterest
            4. Tumblr
            5. Email 

            Recommend products

            This feature shows relevant products in the same collection at the bottom of Quick view pop up
            Choose the amount of products you want to display in Recommendation limits

            Updated: 22 Jul 2019 01:35 PM
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