Visitor Count


            *The system requires manual import*


            With visitor count message, you can customize content and language to serve your purpose. 
            Please DO NOT edit variable {NUMBER} and {TIME} because our app will auto-import number of visitors, time data based on these variables. However, you can reorder these variables, or remove the variable you don't want to show up on visitor count.

            {NUMBER} variable stands for number of visitors

            DO NOT create 3-line message. It'll break visitor count's layout.

            Average NUMBER of visitors 

            Enter your estimated number of visitors of your store.
            If you need accurate number, you can find it in Shopify Analytics (Shopify admin > Analytics > Overview dashboard > Online store sessions).

            The popup then shows a random number of visitors based on this average NUMBER of visitors. We will randomize numbers in a range of 40% lower/higher than the selected number. 

            For example: 
            If the average NUMBER of visitors is 100. 
            The random range will be from 60 to 140.

            Lookback TIME

            Choose the number that will show as "in the last X hours"

            Visitor count popup will refresh the average number every X hours.

            For example
            If you choose to look back for 2 hours, it means that every 2 hours, average NUMBER of visitors will change.

            Duration of a popup

            How long a pop up will last 

            Delay before first popup shows

            The first pop up on each page will be displayed after a selected time. 

            Reopen after

            Time between each popup


            Customize pop up position with Bottom left, Bottom right, Top left, Top right.
            Remember to set position differently between each app (sales pop, visitor count, sold count...) to avoid overlapping.

            Show close button 

            If enabled, whenever visitors hover over the popup, a close "x" button will appear. 
            If a popup is closed, it will reappear after a specific time (you can set this time in "Reopen after" option).



            We offer you up to 8 layouts to choose and customize 

            For further adjustment, please edit with features below


            Choose the shape of visitor count popup.

            Background color 

            Customize the background color to synchronize visitor count popup with the rest of your store 

            Highlight color 

            Edit once for both number of visitors and icon.

            Text color 

            Edit the message color 

            Updated: 13 Nov 2019 12:03 AM
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