Submission via Contact Form app

Submission via Contact Form app

Where Submissions go

For Free plan:

Recipient email

Contact form app sends all submissions to the Sender email of your store. You can change the Sender email address in your Shopify admin > Settings > Store details > Contact information.

If you want to change the recipient email without changing the Customer email address of your Shopify settings, you should upgrade to a higher plan.

Sender email

In Free plan, the submission is handled by Shopify, so you will receive submissions sent from
The submission looks like this:

You can prevent your spam filter from blocking contact form submissions by adding to your whitelist of trusted email addresses.

Submissions list

In Free plan, our app will NOT store any submissions. All submissions are sent via Shopify and only stored in your recipient email's inbox.
If you want to save your list of submissions, please upgrade to a higher plan to unlock in-app Submissions list.

Forwarding Submissions

If you purchased your domain through Shopify, you can add an email forwarding address by following the instructions in this Help Guide.
Keep in mind that this is email forwarding, so any emails sent to that address would be forwarded to an existing email address, and replies to customers would be sent from that same existing email address, not the domain email address. 

For Paid Plan:

Recipient email

You can change the email to which submissions are sent in Settings page > Global Settings tab > Recipient Emails

  1. In Premium plan, you can add multiple recipient emails. The submissions will be sent to all your recipient emails.
  2. If you do not input any recipient email, by default our app will send all submissions to the Sender email of your store (in Shopify admin > Settings > General).

Sender email

In Basic & Premium plan, the submission is handled by Qikify, so you will receive submissions sent from
The submission looks like this:

You can prevent your spam filter from blocking contact form submissions by adding email and domain to your whitelist of trusted email addresses.

Submission List

You can view all submissions which your customers sent in Submissions page.

You also can see Submission Detail by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

And you can export submissions list as .csv file by the Export button at the top right corner.


 This feature is only available in Premium plan.

Shopify Customers

In Premium plan, you can integrate the submission in our Contact Form with Customers list on your Shopify admin.
Go to Settings page > Integrations tab > Shopify Customers Integration > click Select a form > choose a form you want to sync to your Shopify customer list > click Save.
After that, the submissions of chosen form will be synced to your customer list on Shopify admin.
Our app only can sync Email field to your customer list.

If you tick on Accept marketing, then the email synced to your list will be marked as Subscribed.

Subscribed email from your Customer list will look like this:


Premium users can integrate our Contact Form with Mailchimp to automatically update the contacts from submissions to Mailchimp list.
Go to Submissions page > Mailchimp Integrate tab > click on Connect to Mailchimp button > login to your Mailchimp account > click Allow to authorize Contact Form app > connected successfully > select a Mailchimp list you want to add contacts to > Save.

Then, when new customers submit form successfully, their email will be automatically synchronized to your connected Mailchimp list.

You can check the Sync status of each contact in Submissions list.

An email can be failed to synchronize to Mailchimp when you no longer connect to Mailchimp, or you downgrade to lower plan. A duplicate email (which was synced before) will also be marked as Fail Sync.

Our Contact Form app can only sync the email field of submission to Mailchimp.
Please DO NOT tick on Required for any field in your Mailchimp settings.


Premium users can integrate our Contact Form with Klaviyo to automatically update the contacts from submissions to your Klaviyo lists.
Please follow the below steps to connect Contact Form with your Klaviyo:
1. Go > Login to your Klaviyo account > click on the Profile at top right corner > Account

2. Click on Settings > API Keys > Create Private API Keys

3. A private API key will be created below > click on the eye icon to see it > Copy the API key
4. Go to Contact Form settings > Klaviyo integration > insert the API key you got from Klaviyo settings > click Connect

After that, your Klaviyo will be connected successfully to our Contact Form app. 
5. Click Select a form > choose a contact form you want to sync > choose a klaviyo list > click Save

  1. You can check the Sync status of each submission in Submissions list.
  2. You can connect a specific form to a specific Klaviyo list.

Success Message

After submitting form, your customers won't receive any confirmation email, only a success message showing up on store.

For Free plan:

After form is submitted, it will reload your page. After reloading, a success message will appear on the bottom right of your store.

You can change the text of this message in Fields settings > Success message.

For paid plans:

After submitting form, customers will see a success message right on form without reloading page.

You can change the text of this message in Fields settings > Success message.

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