How to use Tranzi app

How to use Tranzi app

What is Tranzi?

Tranzi helps you to create a global store with ease:
- Translate your store to multiple languages with AI Translation and manual translation.
- Add a nice language switcher to your store
- Create multilingual versions of Smart Menu, Sales Pop, Promotion Bar, Quick View apps in a few clicks.

Add new language

  1. After installing Tranzi, you will directly enter the app portal. Scroll down to “Your store languages” section and click “Add language” button.  
  2. The Languages settings page of Shopify will be opened in new tab. Click “Add language” button at the top right corner.  
  3. Select your target language from the drop-down list, then click “Add” button to add language to your store.  
  4. The language is updated in Shopify admin. 
  5. Reload Tranzi app. Your new target language is now available in Tranzi!


After adding successfully your new language, you can start translating your store.
  1. You need to select your target language:
  2. After selecting your target language, you can choose: Auto translate all your store Or only translate some specific resources.
    1. Click on Auto translate ALL pages button to translate all your store
    2. If you do not want to translate all pages on your store, you can select some specific resources of your store to translate

      You also can search specific words in your page to translate:
  3. After finishing translation, you need to Publish your new language to make it display in the store.
    Each target language has a different Publish button.

Add Language Switcher

You need to add language switcher to your store in order to change the language.
Each new language you added will automatically display in the list below.
For more information, please follow this instruction.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

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