Why is my Smart Menu not showing up or showing incorrectly?

Why is my Smart Menu not showing up or showing incorrectly?

There are various reasons why Smart Menu is not showing up or showing incorrectly on a store.
Please read these cases and check the following solutions.

Loading time

Our server is placed in the US, therefore, there might be a delay in loading time for users who are far from the US.
In this case, we suggest using light images (<100KB) to improve the loading speed.

Also, Smart Menu might load slowly on unpublished theme. But it'll load immediately when the theme is published.

Haven't selected menu to replace yet

Smart Menu works by replacing an available menu on your store. Hence, please make sure to select your main menu to be replaced in Step 2: Add & Design:

If you can't select menu in "Select your main menu" option or it's showing "List is empty", contact us for help.

Theme does not support

There are some Shopify themes which don't support drop-down menu or mega menu, so Smart Menu might not be able to show up. 
Please check the compatibility of some most popular themes here: List Shopify themes integration

Theme uses the same navigation for both desktop & mobile

In case your Shopify theme use the same menu (same navigation id) for both desktop and mobile menu, you might have some problems such as:
  • There're 2 Smart Menu showing up on desktop

  • Select Smart Menu to show only on desktop and leave "Select mobile menu" blank, but Smart Menu still replaces mobile menu.
In this case, it is recommended to use "CSS selector" to add Smart Menu to your store, instead of "Select from Shopify navigation". Please read this article to learn more about this method.

Theme splits main menu into 2 parts

Some themes have options to split the menu to 2 different part. That makes Smart Menu can't replace the whole menu.
Example: Impulse theme
There are 2 solutions:
1. Find an option in your theme settings to change to only one menu, not splitted, then Smart Menu can replace it. (eg. Logo center, menu below)
2. Hide your logo in theme and add your logo as a menu item in Smart Menu.

If you need help to place logo in center, contact us.

There's no menu item in your Shopify navigation (your old menu)

In case you choose the option: "Select from Shopify navigation" to add Smart Menu, make sure the menu you selected have some menu items on it. Because Smart Menu will replace each item of the selected menu, so it can't show up if there's nothing in that menu.

Select wrong menu to replace

Smart Menu can only replace the whole menu (eg. Main menu), it can't replace only one menu item (eg. "Shop" in Main Menu).
So you'll need to create your whole main menu in Smart Menu (including all menu items) and replace your current main menu with Smart Menu.

Copy wrong CSS selector

Smart Menu can only replace the default menu which is created from your Shopify navigation admin.

Therefore, please make sure you have disabled all menu-related app that can affect your original menu, including Smart Menu.

Usually, we recommend to find and copy the <ul> tag of your menu so Smart Menu can replace that.

However, if there is a problem with replacing <ul> tag, please try to find and copy the <nav> tag above <ul> instead.

Use more than one app to create menu

There might have a conflict between apps with the same function.
So if you are using different apps to create multiple menu, we recommend using only one at a time.

My Smart Menu appeared before, but now it disappears

If Smart Menu successfully replaced your main menu before, but it suddenly disappears, then probably because the original main menu in Shopify navigation has been changed (eg. change order of menu item, add new menu item...). To solve this, please follow these steps:
  • Go to Smart Menu > Step 2: Add & Design > Remove "Main menu" in "Select your main menu" (and/or "Select mobile menu")
  • Save app
  • Reload app (Ctrl + R)
  • Select "Main menu" again in "Select your main menu" (and/or "Select mobile menu") > Save
This should solve your problem.
If Smart Menu is still not showing up, please contact us.


In most cases, it is recommended to try different adding methods: "Select from Shopify navigation" & "CSS selector" to find which method can show Smart Menu best on your store. (read instruction for both methods here).

If you have checked all the above causes and tried all solutions, but Smart Menu is still not showing up on your store or showing incorrectly; you can contact our support team. We will resolve your problem as soon as possible.
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