Trigger Button

            Select where to show trigger button 

            1. Fixed sticky button: the button stick to the page's borders (you can change the position in options below)
            2. Embed to your page content: turn trigger button to a clickable button on your page (read full instructions here
            3. Use available theme's button: paste the CSS selector of your button and use it to trigger contact form
            4. Hide button: use " Auto open form" to show forms.
            Hide button require to enable “Auto open form” feature in Display settings.

            *These following sections are only for Fixed sticky button and Embed to your page content options.* 

            Button label 

            This is where you name the triggering button

            Tab position 

            In Popup layout, the contact form is always in center no matter where the tab is. 
            In Bubble layout, the contact form locates near the tab. 

            For example, if the tab position is left, the contact form is to the right of it.

            This option doesn't work with Embed to your page content 

             Tab button text size 

            Tab background color/text color  

            Show button icon 

            For the mobile version, only icon will show up. 

            Updated: 13 Nov 2019 12:03 AM
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