Add & edit Fields


            Title is the heading of the contact form, you can change it to fit your form purpose.


            Description is a small paragraph under Title. You can use it to present the introduction or purpose of contact form.


            In fields list, you can quickly change the order by drag-n-drop action. 
            For specific settings, click the pen-icon button to edit each field.

            We offer Default fields and Custom fields which are suitable for multiple purposes. 

            1. Default fields: basic fields required for a form, including Name, Email address, Subject, Message. 
            2. Custom fields: advanced fields for further purposes, for example: checkbox, radio...

            Field settings

            Field name 

            The field name only shows up in submission email, it's different from Field label - which shows up on form interface.
            * Field name is not available to change in Default fields (Name, Email, Subject, Message)

            Field label/placeholder

            Field label/placeholder are presented in forms and viewed by customers. 
            You can switch between Label (show up out of field) or Placeholder (show up inside field) in Style > Fields style.

            Input type 

            1. Short text: work best for one-sentence input values 

            2. Email: this field requires to fill in the right email format (

            1. Dropdown list: allow you to create a list of dropdown options. 

            1. Multiple choices: display the options under the form of radio button, only able to select one answer.

            1. Checkboxes: display the options under the form of multiple boxes, able to select multiple answers.

            1. Paragraph: work for longer input values. 

            Input options

            Type your options name. Use "Enter" to separate each option.
            Take the image below for example. 

            In case you want to have a default option (pre-selected option), type that option name.

            Required field

            You can choose a field to be "required". It means that customers have to fill out that field with right values to be able to submit form.

            The email field requires input values in proper email format


            Field width 

            This indicates how much space each field will makes up for in a row. 

            If there're 2 fields with Half width next to each other, they will align to one row.

            Radio/checkbox alignment 

            1. Horizontal: show options in horizontal order

            1. Vertical: show options in vertical order

            In Bubble layout, we recommend you choose Horizontal alignment if there are too many options.

            Extra classname

            This option is individually styling purpose, required coding experience.

            Submit button 

            Edit the text of submit button 

            Success message 

            After customers send form successfully, the browser will automatically refresh and a thank you message appears above the contact form tab.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2019 12:03 AM
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