How to add scrollbar to your submenu?


            Basically, we DON'T suggest adding a scrollbar. Read reasons & other solutions here: Why we don't suggest scrollbar in menu? 

            How to add scrollbar to your submenu?

            But incase you have too long menu and cannot organize it to have a short one. We also provide you ability to have a scrollbar in your submenu.
            - Enable "Add scrollbar to your submenu" from root menu item
            - Set height for your submenu. We recommend the value should lower than 600px. Because normal computer 600px is outside screen area.
            Add scrollbar option

            Example of scrollbar in submenu

            - Flyout menu

            Can only enable scroll bar if flyout menu has 1 level. If you have multi-level flyout, adding scroll bar will make menu can't open submenu from level 2.

            - Mega menu

            - Tabs menu (scrollbar show up inside tab content)

            Updated: 21 Nov 2019 06:56 PM
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