Why we don't suggest scrollbar in submenu?

            For merchant who has long list of menu items and want a scrollbar to scroll inside a submenu.
            There are reasons why we DON'T recommend users to add a scrollbar to a long menu:
            Although we provide a features to allow you to add scrollbar inside a submenu, we still do not recommend to do it, because:
            1. Confuse users: Browser already has its own scrollbar, so if we add another scrollbar it will confuse user sometimes, making users not know which scrollbar to scroll
              For example: User is hovering on menu and wants to scroll down the page, but it will scroll down the menu instead.

            2. User might not scroll down: The purpose of a mega menu is to show all items for overview and quick navigation, so you shouldn't hide items in a scroll menu. The chance that user don't scroll menu is very high.

            3. Increase searching time: To find a category item at the bottom of a submenu with a scrollbar, user needs to hover or click on the top menu item to open submenu, scrolldown to find a menu to open, it takes around 5 seconds to find a correct target.

            Therefore, we recommend to find another way to organize your menu to avoid scroll. 
            You can try:
            1. Use Mega menu instead of Flyout
            2. Use Tab menu instead of Mega
            3. Use smaller images to optimize space
            4. Use Masonry to optimize space (instruction)
            5. Reduce vertical gap between items (contact us for help)
            6. Reduce font size of menu items
            7. Increase menu width (instruction)

            Updated: 21 Nov 2019 06:53 PM
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