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Display settings

Open form in 

We offer 3 common layouts for your contact form: 
  1. Popup
  2. Bubble
  3. Embed Form (instruction here)
The bubble is like a mini version popup form, so it won't contain any images and shouldn't have too many fields.  


There are 6 ready-made templates with distinctive styles for each Popup, Bubble and Embed Form type.

Choosing templates will override your previous style settings, but not change the image.

Show form on

Select pages to show your form
  1. All papes: show form everywhere 
  2. Homepage only: show contact form on homepage only 
  3. Exactly URL: paste the full and exact page URLs where to display your forms
  4. Only pages with URL: only show form on some specific pages (you can add multiple pages, separate with "enter"  and don't forget the protocol "http://", "https://")
  5. Any pages except the following:  exclude form on some specific page (you can add multiple pages, separate with "enter"  and don't forget the protocol "http://", "https://")
For the "Only page with URL" and "Any page except the following pages" option, they will recognize any URL containing the link you add.
For example: in the "Only page with URL" field, you paste a product's link: myshopify.com/product-A/ 
The form will show on all links starting with myshopify.com/product-A/, eg. /product-A/?ref=..., /product-A/utm=...

To avoid the case that some pages have the same part in URL (eg. /product-A and /product-ABC), you can resort to Exactly URL.

Auto Open form 

Allow you to automatically display contact form on your store. 
  1. Open after: select the time to show form.
  2. Reopen time: select the time to re-show form to customers after they closed the form. 
Reopen time only works when your store is reloaded.

Pop up layout 

Choose the suitable image position for your form. 

Background image 

Change background image by uploading your image or pasting the image URL link.
In Free plan, you can upload an image to get its URL in your Shopify admin / Settings / Files / Upload file.

Adjust the size of your popup and bubble

Note that: "Small" size is only available with "Image top". 

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