FAQs for Contact Form

Is the Free plan really free?

Yes, it is 100% free and forever free to use. We won't even ask for a credit card.
By default, when you install our app, you will be in Free plan. You only get charged once you upgrade to Premium plan.

What is the difference between the Free plan & paid plans?

Please see the comparison table of all plans here.

Can I downgrade to Free plan after upgrading to Basic plan?

Yes you can.
To cancel Basic plan, please go to "Profile" page > click on "Cancel subscription" button to cancel your Basic plan.

After canceling, a message will appear to show you when your Basic plan will end (based on the date when app charge was generated).
During this time, you can always switch back to Basic plan by clicking on "Stay premium" button.
If you do not re-subscribe before the ending date of your current plan, you will be back to Free plan. All your paid options will not be shown.

Where do I change the email which submissions were sent to?

The Contact form app sends all submissions to the Customer email address of your store. You can change the customer email address in your Shopify admin > Settings > General.
For further instruction, please read this article.

Why is my form not showing up?

Please check some potential reasons and solutions below.

Case 1. Set a filter of pages:

You might set your form to show up not on the correct url. Please double check the "Display on page" option in Display tab.

Case 2. Embed Form/Button incorrectly

If you want to use Embed Form or Embed Button option, please make sure you've added correct shortcode in correct place.
There're some common mistakes you can encounter:
  1. Forget to replace Form ID in shortcode
  2. Not switch to HTML editor in page content to add shortcode
  3. Place shortcode in wrong template
Please check our detailed instructions of Embed Form here.

Case 3. Set wrong Trigger button

Please double check the settings for Trigger button.

Case 4. Form doesn't show up on mobile

Please make sure you've enabled the "Show on mobile" option in Trigger button settings.

Case 5. Use multiple contact form apps

Some other apps might have a conflict or override our contact form. We recommend to use only one app with the same function at a time.


If you have checked all the above causes and tried all solutions, but Contact Form is still not showing up on your store or showing incorrectly; you can contact our support team. We will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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